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The Physician's Guide: How to Succeed as a Pre-Med and Get into Medical School

Most medical school applicants have good grades, MCAT scores, and extracurriculars but still don't get in. Why? They don't have any application strategy.


"We regret to inform you . . ." Imagine the pain of having 4+ years of hard work end in defeat. This is what happens to 60% of pre-meds.


Dr. Nissen is an Ivy League M.D. who will show you the winning strategies for a competitive medical school application.


One strategy tip from this book will increase your chances of acceptance by 241%! Strategies like these are much more important than your MCAT score or Organic Chemistry grade. They await your discovery inside The Physician's Guide. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make you a doctor!


You will receive all digital versions of this ebook so you can read it on iPads, tablets, Kindles, laptops, or wherever you prefer. Prefer to get it in print? Order from Amazon here.


Let Dr. Nissen be your guide. He is an Ivy-League-trained physician and the founder of MedSchoolMastery who wrote the book in collaboration with a former Assistant Dean of Medical School Admissions to create the ultimate guide to pre-med success.


From high school to college to gap years, The Physician's Guide will detail proven strategies to succeed and thrive as a pre-medical student. This book discusses the critical topics, like MCAT prep, personal statement writing, and performing well in admissions interviews. However, it also covers less discussed, but equally important topics, such as extracurricular activities, finding mentors, studying abroad, research, and so much more.


Free Returns / 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We are so confident you'll LOVE The Physician's Guide that you can get your money back at any time if you don't like the book. Just send a message here with your request and you'll get an instant refund.


Learn how to make your application stand out from the rest. This book doesn’t only show you how to be eligible for medical school; it teaches you how to stand out to admissions committees by following your passions and enjoying your pre-medical years. Let's not delay any longer - it's time to dive in!

The Physician's Guide: How to Succeed as a Pre-Med and Get into Medical School

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